We started Highrise to make "executive" coaching accessible to everyone.

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How We Got Here

I started my first company when I was 24. I loved wearing different hats in the beginning, from marketing to product development. As the company quickly scaled, I had to transition from an individual contributor to someone who could manage investors and lead an ever growing team.

Needless to say, the learning curve was steep, and I was fortunate to be connected with an executive coach. The journey of building my business was a constant roller coaster, and the experience of working consistently with a coach and being coached through these ups and downs was transformative.

After I sold the company, the experience of working with my coach stayed with me. It also made me wonder— what about those who aren’t able to afford an “executive” coach? While the end goals might be different, everyone would benefit from having access to a coach (and a support network) to help them navigate their unique career paths and achieve their own personal bests. 

This is how Highrise was born. We seek to make processional coaching— and the support, accountability and motivation that comes with it— accessible to everyone.

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Meet the Team

Andrew Lipovsky
Founder & CEO

I’ve spent my life starting, building and operating high growth businesses. The last company I started was backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley and the company was acquired by the country’s largest eye care retailer.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked for the owner of one of the NFL’s most successful franchises. I live in New York because I love the people, the diversity, and the energy. I love traveling, exploring the outer boroughs for places to eat, and helping people achieve their goals.

I’m always available to chat so feel free to reach out if there’s anything that I can help with.

Andrew Lipovsky

Our Values


We're transparent to each other and to our members. Highrise team members and coaches will always say it like it is.


Anything you ever discuss with a Highrise coach or staff member is always 100% confidential.


We know what it feels like to be in your shoes and always operate from that perspective.

100% About You

We'll always do our best for you. If there's an area where our team or coach can do better for you, we're always ready to listen.
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