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Elana Thoren, Head of Member Success:

"We had a great experience with Highrise. We’ve seen some of the learnings and takeaways being implemented and we loved having clear action steps and handouts we could refer back to. We also enjoyed the meditation sessions for grounding and focusing the group and creating a sense of community.”

– from a recent event for employees at AdQuick

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Large group seminars

We can work with groups on things like better meeting structures, feedback skills, and effective 1:1 strategies to make your meetings more efficient and increase collaboration among individuals and groups.

Small group seminars

Our expert facilitators can also work with smaller teams on problem-solving and streamlining communication processes.

Encourage coaching for your team members

We know you can lead from any role, any position. Spend time with the Highrise team to learn the value of leadership coaching for everyone on the team.

Highrise can create create events specific to your group.

If you have something different in mind, get in touch and our team can work with you to create a plan customized to your needs.

Some of our most popular solutions include:

Feedback Skills

Everyone wins when the whole team levels up this all-important communication skill.

Meetings Mastery

What if you could run meetings that were touchpoints for collaboration, where people left feeling heard and inspired to do their best?


Grow community in your group with mindfulness experiences tailored specifically for your team.

Custom Solutions

Have something else in mind? Let us know and we can with you to develop a custom plan.

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