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Historically, executive coaching has been geared toward just that – executives.

Business leaders including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Apple CEO Tim Cook, former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have all famously worked with an executive coach.

Yet in reality, the benefits of professional coaching are tangible and applicable to individuals at all career levels. That is why we started Highrise, to make “executive” coaching accessible to everyone.
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Why coaching?

The better question might be, why not coaching?

Think about it. The world’s top athletes have coaches, and have had coaches since they could swing a bat, kick a ball, hold a club.

Why should those who want to be business leaders – or, say, the Michael Jordans of business – approach their work any differently?

A coach can help you see yourself in a new light. Coaches bring not just perspective but also accountability. Just as your high school soccer coach made sure you ran all 50 of those wind sprints, so too will your professional coach make sure you put in the work necessary to keep growing and improving.

The benefits of coaching have been documented for decades. In 2009, the International Coaching Federation surveyed coaching clients from around the globe and found:

saw improved
saw improved
saw improved
communication skills
saw improved work
would repeat the
coaching experience

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What makes Highrise unique?

Highrise helps you improve important skills and reach your goals faster:

Listening and influencing

Learn how to listen and influence your peers more effectively.


Improve how you receive feedback and your feedback is received.

Managing your team

Improve your relationships with those you manage and improve your team’s productivity.

Managing your manager

Learn how to better manage your leadership team to gain more resources and recognition.

Become a better negotiator

Learn important skills to drive better outcomes in everyday negotiations.

Work-life balance

Strike balance between work and your personal life to enjoy the best of both.

The best coaches

Coaches with experience in your industry and experience level.


Built from the ground up to be afforded by most.

Group coaching

Your group helps keep you engaged and accountable.


A customized plan you and your coach can access at any time.

How can Highrise help you?

Paola Cordovez Cereceda
Head of communication
Who is Paola?
Paola is the Head of Customer Engagement at Unit21, a startup that helps businesses monitor fraudulent activities. Prior to Unit21, Paola was a Customer Success Manager and also previously worked at the United Nations and World Bank. She has two graduate degrees, including a master’s from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Public Policy.

The situation
We first met Paola when she was an individual contributor working in customer success. She was very interested in moving from an IC to a manager role, but some of her previous attempts had been unsuccessful. Paola needed help understanding how she could advocate for herself to make the move.
How Highrise helped
First, we worked with Paola to clearly understand her situation and objective – in her case, to become a manager, either at her current company or elsewhere, in six months. From there, we worked backward from her objective and prepared a plan laying out specific dates and milestones. For Paola, these milestones mainly took the form of conversations she needed to have with various people. Highrise prepared Paola for those conversations by using outlines of frameworks we created together, role playing ahead of time, and debriefing afterward.
End result
Ultimately, Paola didn’t reach her goal at her current company, but she was able to repurpose the skills we worked on together when an opportunity came up with Unit21. She became a people manager at Unit21 and harnessed Highrise to help her grow within that role. Paola leveraged her Highrise coach and general resources to build a foundation as a great people manager, and within a short amount of time, she was promoted to Head of Customer Engagement. With the help of Highrise, Paola was able to quickly grow from an IC all the way to a manager of managers, increasing her responsibility and compensation along the way.

“The ability to simplify in the middle of complexity, inspire when there’s no hope, building relationships when there is distrust, building bridges when things have fragmented, changing people when people don’t want to change. All those skills are not in the technical manual. And all those skills start with self-awareness and having very open conversations about your own derailers, your own strengths, your own opportunities. And so that’s where I think a formal coach on a consistent basis makes a transformational difference.”