Case studies

Historically, executive coaching has been geared toward just that – executives.

Business leaders including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Apple CEO Tim Cook, former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have all famously worked with an executive coach.

Yet in reality, the benefits of professional coaching are tangible and applicable to individuals at all career levels. That is why we started Highrise, to make “executive” coaching accessible to everyone.
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Case studies

Historically, executive coaching has been geared toward just that – executives.

Business leaders including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Apple CEO Tim Cook, former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have all famously worked with an executive coach.

Yet in reality, the benefits of professional coaching are tangible and applicable to individuals at all career levels. That is why we started Highrise, to make “executive” coaching accessible to everyone.
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Why coaching?

The better question might be, why not coaching?

Think about it. The world’s top athletes have coaches, and have had coaches since they could swing a bat, kick a ball, hold a club.

Why should those who want to be business leaders – or, say, the Michael Jordans of business – approach their work any differently?

A coach can help you see yourself in a new light. Coaches bring not just perspective but also accountability. Just as your high school soccer coach made sure you ran all 50 of those wind sprints, your professional coach will make sure you put in the work necessary to keep growing and improving.

The benefits of coaching have been documented for decades. In 2009, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) surveyed coaching clients from around the globe and found:

saw improved
saw improved
saw improved
communication skills
saw improved work
would repeat the
coaching experience

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What makes Highrise unique?

Highrise helps you improve important skills and reach your goals faster:

Listening and influencing

Learn how to listen and influence your peers more effectively.


Improve how you receive feedback and how your feedback is received.

Managing your team

Improve your relationships with those you manage to improve your team’s productivity.

Managing your manager

Learn how to better manage up your leadership team to gain more resources and recognition.

Become a better negotiator

Learn important skills to drive better outcomes in everyday negotiations.

Work-life balance

Strike balance between work and your personal life to enjoy the best of both.

The best coaches

Coaches with experience in your industry and experience level.


Built from the ground up to be afforded by most.

Group coaching

Your group helps keep you engaged and accountable.


A customized plan you and your coach can access at any time.

How can Highrise help you?

Aaron S.
Director of Operations
Who is
Aaron is an HR Lead at REGENT, a hardware technology startup. He worked in IT support before moving into operations management. He graduated from Bard College with a degree in philosophy.
The Situation
When we first met Aaron, he was working as an IT Operations Manager. He knew he wanted to advance in leadership roles at work, but was unsure how to navigate that path. He was looking for coaching and community, and ways to creatively access and leverage his leadership skills so that he could advance professionally, make more money, and find expansive, problem-solving ways to enhance his impact at work. He found that the more he went to meetings with the Highrise community, from his coaching cohort to participating in community events, the more valuable his experience became.
How Highrise helped
Going to different Highrise meetings and events helped Aaron learn to view his role in more expansive ways. He felt less restricted by assumptions and started to see how he could lead no matter what position he was in, and this empowered him to look at situations and problems at work through the lens of “what can I do to solve this?” Highrise helped him see his role as a service to the broader community of his workplace. He cites the diversity of his Highrise peers with introducing him to new perspectives and helping him work through problems and scenarios in a judgment-free environment. His impact grew to such an extent that he was promoted twice.
End result
Aaron ended up getting promoted twice, resulting in a 30% salary increase and the opportunity to drive company-wide operations in ways that maximize company growth and highlight his ongoing impact. He has since gone on to become SHRM-certified and taken on a leadership position in HR within his company.
“It’s important to seek out communities and networks you can rely on when you are grappling with those issues of growth and I think High Rise provides that kind of community, which is really invaluable. It’s a process of allowing the creativity of multiple perspectives to come together and everyone is, in some sense, working towards those same goals of leadership and growth. Highrise as a program is important for this moment in time. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about Highrise to join.”
Michelle R.
Product Marketing Manager
Who is
Michelle is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn. Prior to LinkedIn, she worked at an edtech startup. Michelle graduated from Stanford with a degree in economics and worked in consulting out of college.
The Situation
When we met Michelle, she was looking for some guidance in managing up in her current role. She wanted to better communicate her needs to management regarding projects she was working on and resources she needed. Michelle was also considering a move to a new company and needed help not only exploring other options but then also executing interviews and negotiations.
How Highrise helped
First, we helped create frameworks for Michelle to better communicate with her management team. We also helped her practice and gain confidence. As far as exploring new roles, we worked on a scorecard to compare new opportunities. We created something methodical and structured to help her understand her professional values and what she was looking for in the next role. Finally, we helped Michelle prepare for interviews and provided tools and frameworks for the negotiation process.
End result
Michelle eventually secured a new position with LinkedIn and Highrise was able to help her achieve a smooth transition to the new role. We helped Michelle create a 90-day plan to ensure she started off with lots of momentum. Working together with her Highrise coach, Michelle was able to improve her communication with management, identify her goals for a new position, successfully interview for a new role, and hit the ground running when she got there.
"Highrise is truly a great experience for anyone looking to level up in their career. Highrise gave me the tools and structure to build career goals centered around my values and strengths. When I joined Highrise, I was mentally drained and overworked. Today, I have more balance in my life, more confidence in my abilities, and more fulfillment in what I do daily. Highrise was a critical step in getting me to where I am today, particularly when I was job hunting. The coaches go above and beyond to help you stretch and grow as a professional and a person. In addition to their coaching expertise, they are compassionate and a joy to work with. If you are looking to invest in yourself, I recommend Highrise as a 10/10!"
Carolyn P.
Growth Marketer
Who is
Carolyn works in Crypto Growth at fintech startup Alloy. Prior to Alloy, she worked in business operations at a cryptocurrency company and also spent several years at J.P. Morgan. Carolyn attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.
The Situation
When we met Carolyn, she had recently moved from J.P. Morgan to a new, more fast-paced company. She was coming from a highly structured environment to something far less structured and with fewer resources aimed at helping her accelerate her growth. She was looking for support to help her move into the position she wanted, manage up to her manager, and build the skills necessary to be successful.
How Highrise helped
Highrise was able to provide Carolyn with a base of knowledge through its foundational learnings and assessments. We then dove more deeply into her unique situation. We worked with Carolyn to better understand what she wanted to achieve and developed a long-term plan for her to get there. We worked specifically on managing up and setting expectations. Highrise also helped Carolyn build the confidence necessary to have the right conversations at the right times and helped her to practice those conversations in advance.
End result
Coming from a more structured environment, Carolyn wasn’t accustomed to creating her own plans for professional development, but that is what her new situation required, and Highrise helped her do that. Carolyn made progress at her company and eventually moved into the role she wanted.
"Highrise has completely changed the way that I think about my career and the way that I view myself professionally. It has been an incredibly supportive community and has changed my day-to-day and how I present myself at work and outside of work. I also feel like I've gotten to know myself better through Highrise than anything else I've tried."
Nick M.
Founder and CEO
Who is
Nick is a recent college graduate who got his start in marketing and social media. He spent several years at a one-click checkout company called nate.
The Situation
When we first met Nick, he was working at a company with a lot of fast growth but not a lot of resources for individual development. Still early in his career, Nick had never been in an environment with a lot of structure, but he was inherently self-motivated and looking for resources to help him advance. He was also being underpaid relative to the value he was creating for his company.
How Highrise helped
Highrise did a market analysis to help Nick understand his value, and we put together a plan to help him level set and go after that raise. The plan entailed communicating with his manager and relaying the value he had created so they could work together to get him to a better place. We also prepared Nick for all the different scenarios that might occur – from getting the raise, to what to do if the answer was no, etc.
End result
Nick ended up getting a significant raise in the amount he was looking for. Shortly after, he found another opportunity and Highrise helped him put together a plan for his first 90 days in the new role.
"Joining Highrise has helped me to better navigate day-to-day situations on the job, understand how to better brand myself for the career I want, and learn what it means to be a leader in different aspects of my life. I really have benefited from having the time carved out to focus on myself and my career, as well as having coaches and a group of peers that are all willing to collaborate and help me get to where I want to be. If you're someone who likes community and is looking for a tool to help level up your personal and professional life - I'd recommend joining Highrise."