Basics of Imposter Syndrome

Transform the Imposter Syndrome cycle in your professional and personal life.

Make 2024 the year you kick you Imposter Syndrome to the curb.

Imposter Syndrome is a common phenomenon that many of us – more than 70%! – have encountered in various aspects of our lives. The encouraging news is that we can overcome this mindset and break free from its harmful effects. By implementing research-backed strategies, we can break free from this unproductive internal cycle of uncertainty.

During this workshop, you will learn: 

  • The definition of Imposter Syndrome (IS) and how to identify it 
  • Causes and drivers for IS
  • Simple strategies and a tool to help you disrupt and transform the IS cycle in your professional and personal life

Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the recording, so don't miss out – register today!

Facilitated by: Erin Heisel

1 - 2 PM ET
Hosted by:
Erin Heisel
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