Basics of Negotiation

Solidify Prep Strategies to Ace Your Next Negotiation

Negotiation is part of so many communications we have in our personal and professional lives – everything from a performance review to a project meeting and beyond can be considered negotiation. 

But we don’t always make time to think about what negotiation is and, more importantly, to think carefully about our counterparty’s needs, our needs, and to seek out common ground. 

This workshop teaches you everything you need to know to prep for a successful negotiation, no matter what scenario you’re working with.

During this workshop, we will: 

  • Redefine how to think about negotiation 
  • Plan for negotiations by getting clear on your needs, anticipating your counterparty’s needs, and preparing for possible roadblocks
  • Practice some communication strategies for negotiation conversations

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4 - 5 PM ET
Hosted by:
Erin Heisel
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