Basics of Negotiation

Level Up Your Negotiation Skills

Do you struggle with how to prepare for negotiations in different personal and professional situations?

We recently ran a workshop on negotiation and our participants told us that they feel like no one ever taught them how to negotiate.

We’re here to help you bridge that knowledge gap. 

Learn the best preparation practices for all your negotiations in our complimentary workshop: Basics of Negotiation. 

This workshop will provide a broad overview of negotiation strategies and help you lay a foundation for success in many different negotiation scenarios.

During this workshop, we will: 

  • Redefine how to think about negotiation 
  • Plan for negotiations by getting clear on your needs, anticipating your counterparty’s needs, and preparing for possible roadblocks
  • Practice communication strategies for negotiation

Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the recording, so don't miss out – register today.

Facilitated by: Erin Heisel

6:30 - 7:30 PM ET
Hosted by:
Erin Heisel
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