Effective 1:1s

How to optimize 1:1 meetings.

Regular 1:1s are a staple of many professional relationships, but how effective are yours? Perhaps you are an individual contributor hoping to make the most of your 1:1 time with your team lead.

Or maybe you are a manager looking to put a process in place that best supports individual growth and improves team outcomes. 

In this session, we will explore effective strategies to optimize these critical touchpoints within your team leadership structure.  

At the end of this session, you will walk away with: 

  • A better understanding of the crucial role effective 1:1s have in team culture building and outcomes
  • A roadmap for how to best communicate your support needs and showcase your contributions to your team leadership
  • A set of manager best practices for 1:1 meeting structure and purpose
7 - 8 PM ET
Hosted by:
Erin Heisel
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