Highrise brings together the best coaches with technology to help you improve, faster.

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Our custom tools allow you to interact with your coach seamlessly and track your progress so that you can easily reflect on growth and stay focused on solving your biggest challenges. (Coming soon)
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What you'll find (and more)

Coaching journal

A detailed record with highlights from your coaching sessions that will stay with you forever

Progress tracking

Easily set up goals with your coach in your personal account to track growth and improvement


Communicate with your coach outside of your normal coaching sessions for ad hoc support when you need it most


Resources that engage you and your peers to learn from each other and make valuable connections
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Coaching by experienced professionals

Jennifer Daniels
ICF Certified Professional Coach (PCC)

Jennifer has had a successful career as both an entrepreneur and an executive at GE before becoming an executive coach.

Jennifer now uses her decades of experience to help the next generation of leaders.

Executive coach