Highrise is here to help build, support, and scale your professional journey

Coaching for everyone

Coaching shouldn’t just be for high paid executives. That’s why Highrise is designed to be a flexible toolkit that meets you where you’re at in your professional journey.

Choose a format and frequency that works for you, whether it’s in a group or individually, a sprint or ongoing. Highrise is for you, by you.

Highrise helps you improve important skills and reach your goals faster.

Listening & Influencing

Learn how to listen and influence your peers more effecitvely.


Improve how you receive feedback and your feedback is received.

Managing Your Team

Improve your relationships with those you manage and improve your team's productivity.

Managing Your Manager

Learn how to better manage your leadership team to gain more resources and recognition

Become a Better Negotiator

Learn important skills to drive better outcomes in everyday negotiations.

Work Life Balance

Strike balance between work and your personal life to enjoy the best of both

Level Up with Highrise

Hannah Kim works with Highrise to prepare herself to lead a team at Dropbox.

Hannah is also improving her self advocacy and communication skills. Shortly after joining Highrise, Hannah received a promotion in salary and title.

Highrise is built for you.

The best coaches

Coaches with experience in your industry and experience level


Built from the ground up to be afforded by most

Group coaching

Your group helps keep you engaged and accountable


A customized plan you and your coach can access at any time (coming soon)

You'll be joining others who have worked at some of these companies: