Online leadership development program for growth-minded professionals in fast-paced industries

Multidimensional Leadership

Leadership is no longer just about becoming a manager. The new professional normal – one of matrixed organizations and remote work – requires a multidimensional leadership development approach.

With the Highrise Leader Impact Program, we are expanding the idea of what leadership looks like and integrating contemporary training methods to fit today’s fast-paced work environments.
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You’re in good company

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  • Highrise will help you understand:
  • Your authentic leadership style
  • What holds you back
  • How to bring out your strengths
  • How to successfully navigate conflict
  • So you can better:
  • Negotiate
  • Manage your team
  • Listen & influence
  • Give & receive feedback
  • Manage up
  • Balance work & life

Highrise is built for you.

  • Growth-minded professionals
  • Early to mid career stages
  • Fast-growing companies & industries
  • Those seeking contemporary leadership development
A picture of Hannah

Level Up with Leadership Development Program

Hannah Kim works with Highrise to prepare herself to lead a team at Dropbox.

Hannah is also improving her self advocacy and communication skills. Shortly after joining Highrise, Hannah received a promotion in salary and title.
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