How to Expense Highrise

Good news: Over 50% of Highrise members get Highrise paid for by their employer (even when a formal learning and development stipend doesn't exist). See below for a step-by-step guide.

Step one

Give your manager a heads up.

Let your manager know you’re interested in a course that will improve
your work. Ask if you can send them details over email.

Example of message

Hey {manager},

I discovered an exciting new leadership development program called Highrise that would be useful for my work and would help the company obtain its goals faster. Mind if I send you some information?

Copy text
Step two

Make your case.

Share how the course aligns with your role and professional goals. Use the template below and tweak it as needed:

Example of message

Hey {manager},

As part of my own efforts to level up and deliver the best results to [your company's name], I would like to enroll in Highrise. Highrise provides leadership development and coaching to folks with similar experience to me working at fast growing technology companies like: Airtable, Figma, and Stripe.

A few highlights:

-   Direct access to an ICF (international coaching federation) certified coach with over 20 years of operating experience and 2000 hours of coaching experience.
-   Hands-on working sessions to improve skills like self advocacy, cross functional team-work, and executive presence.
-   A group of peers from other top performing companies to learn from and improve existing processes.
-   More managerial leverage for you so that you can continue to focusing on scaling our results and team.

I anticipate being able to put my learnings directly into practice during the program. After the program, I can share the learnings with the team so our entire team levels up.

Depending on the plan that I choose, Highrise costs between [insert price discussed with Highrise team] per month for each of the first six months. If you like, you can review course details here - the enrollment deadline for their next cohort closes on [insert date].

What do you think?

Copy text
Step three

Follow up with your manager.

If you don’t hear back, follow up again after 3 days to show your commitment and interest. Here’s an example you can use:

Example of message

Hey {manager},

Have you had a chance to look at the link to Highrise I sent you?

It looks like seats are filling up and I'd love to grab a spot before it sells out.

I really believe it would help us level up with:

Outcome A

Outcome B

Outcome C

Here's the link: {course link}.‍Let me know.

Copy text
That’s it!

Now enjoy the program.

It’s so simple that nearly half our students get their courses reimbursed. Investing in yourself with Highrise is a powerful way to
accelerate your career, and we hope your company agrees.

If we can help, please get in touch.